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Angela Wang & Co, established in 1995, is a focused Greater China business legal practice with a dedicated group of solicitors qualified to practice in multiple jurisdictions. We combine our international experience and local knowledge to bring you bespoke legal services in Asia.

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To provide legal solutions at competitive cost.

Our firm currently acts for a wide range of clients including multinational corporations, government bodies, listed companies, banks and securities houses, insurers, charities, private companies, entrepreneurs and individuals. With offices in Hong Kong and Shanghai and a wide network of associated firms across the Pacific Rim and Europe, we are well positioned to serve you in Hong Kong and the Asia Pacific region.

Banking & Finance

  • Advising two major European banks on ceasing their banking businesses in Hong Kong and transferring assets and portfolios involving more than 600 bank accounts to Singapore.
  • US$15 million revolving credit facility secured by cumulative redeemable preference shares.
  • US$15 million credit facility secured by various deposits.
  • Syndicated multi-currency term loan facility of US$45 million secured by cash collateral, guarantee, share pledge and letter of comfort.
  • Security sharing deed of arrangement between two major banks in Singapore involving a S$32 million credit facility secured by various types of security.
  • S$500 million credit facility secured by guarantee, mortgages, debentures and shares.

China Business

  • Acquisition of PRC company operating a cyberport project in Shenzhen with a total asset value of US$16 million involving the issue of convertible instruments.
  • Restructuring of family assets involving property in excess of HK$2 billion, shareholding in finance companies and mining rights in the PRC.
  • Acquisition of 5 diesel fuel power stations in China by way of a convertible loan and equity participation in a company listed on the NASDAQ Small Cap Board and London’s USM.
  • Acquisition of 80% interest in entertainment broadcasting company by a group of Chinese state companies for US$30 million involving a capital injection for repayment of existing debts and a shareholders’ loan to raise further working capital.
  • Share transaction involving the acquisition of a website in the PRC for US$14 million.
  • Discloseable transaction involving the acquisition of a PRC business for HK$520 million.
  • Major connected and share transaction for the acquisition of a Sino-foreign equity joint venture for HK$60 million payable partly in cash and partly in shares.
  • Interviewing witnesses from the PRC and obtaining expert evidence in relation to commercial litigation in the UK involving PRC companies and a currency swap transaction for RMB 50 million.
  • Acting for an international dairy products company in a dispute concerning distributorship and wholesaling arrangements with PRC companies.
  • Acting for an international oil supply company in the resolution of a dispute concerning distributorship and joint venture projects in the PRC.
  • Handling a civil action against a legal representative in a PRC investment project for breach of an agency agreement and fiduciary duties.
  • Acting for publicly listed US nuclear pharmaceutical company in the restructuring of its five joint ventures and wholly foreign owned enterprises as a result of acquisition by a Fortune 500 corporation.
  • Acting for international consortium of foreign investors in the establishment of mobile telephone conferencing technology joint venture with China Unicom.

Corporate Finance

  • Major transaction involving the acquisition of shares in an internet telephone service provider for 240 million new shares.
  • Conditional top-up placement of up to 200 million new shares for HK$700 million.
  • Discloseable transaction for the acquisition of shares in a UK interactive programming and distribution services company for HK$50 million and US internet media and marketing company for HK$36.5 million.
  • Rights issue by Hong Kong listed company involving the issuance of over 3 million rights shares.

Intellectual Property

  • Acting in a contested dispute regarding the use of a well-known jewellery trademark.
  • Acting in the registration of trademarks for one of the largest poultry suppliers in Thailand, a major regional newspaper and a large US financial group.
  • Acting in the registration of patents for a computer related invention and an invention for facilitating the heating and circulation of water.
  • Acting in an infringement case for large Japanese film and entertainment licensing company.

Internet & Information Technology

  • Establishment of a B2C service portal including advising on e-commerce contracts, terms and conditions of service, website content and vendor contracts.
  • Setting up of an insurance service portal including advising on structure, website content, terms and conditions, tax issues and conditions of payment.
  • Restructuring of a film and entertainment website in Malaysia including the setting up of mirror sites in Hong Kong, advising on intellectual property issues and cross border regulatory and tax issues.
  • Advising B2B internet medical supply exchange on structuring business, shareholders’ agreement, private equity financing and e-commerce contracts.
  • Advice on structuring online brokerage exchange including the drafting of related broker agreements.

Litigation & Insolvency

  • Acting for major shareholder of listed company in relation to disputes arising from placement of 18.29 million shares and 28.21 million right shares.
  • Acting for a UK listed oil trading and infrastructure group in relation to trading dispute involving US$3.70 million .
  • High profile complex commercial criminal matter involving judicial review, bail variation applications and bribes amounting to HK$26.4 million and A$2 million.
  • Construction disputes between two major international Japanese construction companies and Hong Kong blue chip listed company for claims exceeding HK$200 million.
  • Scheme of Arrangement involving a listed group of companies with over 40 bank creditors and over US$500 million in debt to financial creditors.
  • Complex commercial disputes involving oil trading companies in the region involving corporate debts of US$54.5 million.
  • Liquidation matter involving multiple defendants in various jurisdictions and the tracing of assets worth over US$13 million.
  • Obtaining the creditors’ and court’s sanction of a scheme of arrangement parallel to a Singapore scheme involving a listed company with 23 bank creditors and over S$500 million in debt to financial creditors.
  • Representing a group of over 40 preferential creditors in liquidation proceedings regarding a Hong Kong public company and its subsidiary and contesting a proposed scheme of arrangement.

Mergers & Acquisitions

  • Acquisition of IT company providing advertising to websites and content providers for a total value of US$10.5 million.
  • Joint acquisition of well known internet company providing internet related services targeting the expatriate communities in the region.
  • Acquisition of shares by a Hong Kong listed company and Singapore government related company in an internet company which provides entertainment and education content.
  • Joint venture between Australian listed company and British inventor involving transfer of worldwide intellectual property rights in energy saving system and buyout of inventor’s 49% share interest.
  • Acquisition of a regional telecommunication services provider with a total value of over US$4 million.

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