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Enforcement of Foreign Arbitral Award Refused by Hong Kong Court
May 2024
Important Changes to Reciprocal Recognition and Enforcement of Judgments between Mainland China and Hong Kong SAR
February 2024
Hong Kong’s New Policy Measures to Attract New Capital
January 2024
Enforceability Of Indemnity Clause in favour of Employer
November 2023
Holding Virtual or Hybrid General Meetings in Hong Kong
October 2023
Foreign Plaintiff with no Assets in Hong Kong Avoids Security for Cost Order
August 2023
Outcome Related Fees Now Possible for Hong Kong Arbitration
July 2023
Refusal to Comply with Employer’s Request Justifies Summary Dismissal ?
June 2023
Court Rules Cryptocurrency is “Property” under Hong Kong Law
May 2023
HK New Virtual Asset Service Provider Licensing Regime
April 2023
Legal Issues relating to e-Signatures and Digital Signatures in Hong Kong
March 2023
Setting Up a Family Office in Hong Kong
February 2023
Hong Kong Listing Rules Amendments relating to Share Schemes
November 2022
Employer to Pay for Female Bias in Workplace
October 2022
Online Trade Mark Infringement and Joint Liability of Online Platform Operators
September 2022
Hong Kong Court adopting new criteria for recognition and assistance to foreign insolvency
August 2022
Hong Kong Court of Final Appeal Clarifies the Requirements to Wind-Up Foreign Companies
July 2022
Payments Associated with Termination of Employment, Taxable or not ?
June 2022
New Corporate Governance Rules Affecting Hong Kong INEDs
May 2022
Good and Valid Reason Needed for Contractual Termination of Employee ?
March 2022
Setting Up Onshore Limited Partnership Fund in Hong Kong
February 2022
Acquisition of Business : Sidestepping the Pitfalls
November 2021
How to Short Circuit the Long Hong Kong Court Process
October 2021
Update on the Principles of Constructive Trust and Proprietary Estoppel
August 2021
Cybercrime in Hong Kong and legal recourse for victims
July 2021
COVID-19 Vaccine and the Hong Kong Employer
May 2021
New Normal in the Substituted Service of Court Documents in Hong Kong
April 2021
Changes to Hong Kong Trade Marks Ordinance to Note
March 2021
Hong Kong Regulatory Investigations Update
January 2021
Ant IPO – A Cautionary Tale for the Securities Business
November 2020
Summary Dismissal of Senior Employee for Failing to Supervise Junior Staff ?
October 2020
The Copyright Tribunal’s First Decision on Licensing Fees charged for Karaoke Music Videos
September 2020
Contractual Silver Bullet in the COVID-19 Pandemic
August 2020
New National Security Law and the Next Steps for Doing Business in Hong Kong
July 2020
(中文) 香港法院排除本土的限制中承认境外法院的判令
June 2020
Hong Kong Court Recognises Foreign Court Orders Despite Local Limitations
June 2020
Breaking eNews : COVID-19 Economic Relief Measures 2 – Hong Kong Edition
April 2020
(中文) 香港的虚拟银行 : 智能银行时代的开始
March 2020
(中文) 新型冠状肺炎 :对香港雇主的指引
March 2020
Virtual Banks in Hong Kong : Entering the Era of Smart Banking
March 2020
New Anti-Mask Law and the Hong Kong Employer
October 2019
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October 2019
Amendments to Extradition Law; Hong Kong, Fugitives’ Haven Again ?
June 2019
Amendments to Extradition Law; Hong Kong, Fugitives’ Haven Again ?
June 2019
Handling of Data Breaches in Hong Kong
April 2019
Directors Personally Liable for Legal Costs in Litigation
March 2019
Pro-arbitration Attitude of the Hong Kong Courts
November 2018
Unfair Prejudice Petition and the Buy Out Order
August 2018
Payments on Termination of Employment – Taxable or Not ?
July 2018
HK Businesses Also to Comply with new EU General Data Protection Regulation
June 2018
Making an Initial Coin Offering in Hong Kong
May 2018
Making an Initial Coin Offering in Hong Kong
May 2018
The Significant Controllers Registers Regime for Hong Kong Companies
April 2018
HK Trust and Company Service Providers Now Required to be Licensed
April 2018
The Significant Controllers Registers Regime for Hong Kong Companies
March 2018
Making a Claim of Misrepresentation and Possible Remedies in Hong Kong
January 2018
Hong Kong Court Clarifies the Meaning of “Insider Dealing” : SFC v Yiu Hoi Ying Charles and Others
November 2017
Introduction of New Third Board in Hong Kong
September 2017
Collecting Personal Data Whilst Socialising : The Individual Data User
August 2017
Third Party Funding for Arbitration – The Hong Kong Version?
June 2017
Receipt Clause – Conclusive Evidence of Payment or Not?
May 2017
Recent Updates on the Duty on Suitability and Mis-selling in Hong Kong : The Decision in DBS Bank (HK Ltd) v Sit Pan Jit
March 2017
New Money Lenders Licensing Rules to Prevent Malpractices
February 2017
Arbitration of Disputes over Intellectual Property Rights in Hong Kong
January 2017
HK Employment Law : Summary Dismissal Around the Internal Disciplinary Procedures
December 2016
Actionable Misrepresentation, Contractual Estoppel and the Unobstructed Sea View
November 2016
Proposed Changes to Winding Up to Impact Directors’ Dealings
October 2016
Drafting Dispute Resolution Clauses : Court Litigation or Arbitration
August 2016
Final Decision over the “TWG” Trade Mark Dispute in Hong Kong
July 2016
Redefining the Professional Investor in Hong Kong
June 2016
Director’s liability and employee’s rights when employer becomes insolvent
May 2016
Further Strengthening of Copyright Protection in the Digital Word – Hong Kong Copyright (Amendment) Bill 2014
March 2016
Recent Updates to the Hong Kong Stock Exchange Listing Rules
February 2016
Six Key Matters About the Hong Kong Competition Ordinance
January 2016
How far is too far – issues in the law on harassment in Hong Kong
November 2015
Domain Name Dispute –
October 2015
Bad Faith Warning and Termination of an Employee
August 2015
Legality of Nuptial Agreements in Hong Kong
July 2015
HK Litigation : Mareva Injunction in Aid of Foreign Proceedings
June 2015
Take Care When Issuing Cheques
May 2015
Amendments to Hong Kong Listing Rules relating to Risk Management and Internal Control
April 2015
Intellectual Property Issues in 3D Printing
March 2015
Who has the Company Chop? Be Aware of the Legal Implications
February 2015
Hong Kong’s Draft Competition Law Guidelines
January 2015
Illegal Activities of Employee Justify Dismissal ?
November 2014
Public Disorder and the Law in Hong Kong
October 2014
The Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Bill : What employers should be aware of
September 2014
Security for Costs from Foreign Plaintiff Not Required ?
August 2014
Hong Kong Court orders Ernst & Young to disclose PRC audit papers
July 2014
Probate & Estate – Executor’s Rights to Commence Legal Action before Grant
June 2014
Fair Dealing by Directors under Hong Kong’s New Companies Ordinance
May 2014
Battle of the famous Mark “LEXUS” in Hong Kong
April 2014
Limitation on Enforcement of Judgment Debts in Hong Kong
March 2014
HK New Companies Ordinance : Changes to Directors’ Duties
February 2014
HK New Companies Law : Key Changes relating to Private Companies
January 2014
HK New Companies Ordinance : Registration of Charges
November 2013
Intellectual Property Law – Rihanna sues Topshop over T-shirt
October 2013
Amendments to the Trade Descriptions Ordinance in Hong Kong
September 2013
Sanctioned Offers and Sanctioned Payments
August 2013
Further Update on Use of Personal Data for Direct Marketing in Hong Kong
July 2013
Making of Enduring Power of Attorney
June 2013
The Impact of New Generic Top Level Domains (“gTLDs”) Programme on Trademark Owners
May 2013
Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Bill in Hong Kong
March 2013
Hong Kong Stock Exchange Guidance on Pre-IPO Investments
February 2013
Proposed Amendments to the Chinese Labour Contract Law Regarding Employment of Dispatched Workers
January 2013
Data Privacy in Hong Kong – New Rules for Direct Marketing
December 2012
Major Rewrite of Hong Kong Companies Legislation
November 2012
New Statutory Rules on Disclosure of Price Sensitive Information
October 2012
Introducing the New Competition Law in Hong Kong
September 2012
Proposed changes to the Trustee Ordinance and related matters
August 2012
No “No Win, No Fee” or Contingency Fee Arrangement in Hong Kong
July 2012
The Battle for the “iPad” Mark in China
June 2012
Stepping Up on Corporate Governance of Listed Issuers in Hong Kong
May 2012
Proposed Changes to the Hong Kong Mandatory Provident Fund Schemes
April 2012
Directors’ Fiduciary Obligation and the Law on Improper Purpose
February 2012
Directors’ Fiduciary Obligation and the Law on Improper Purpose
February 2012
Reform on Hong Kong’s Charity Law
January 2012
Reform on Hong Kong’s Charity Law
January 2012
Proposals for Strengthening Copyright Protection in the Digital World – Hong Kong Copyright (Amendment) Bill
December 2011
China Relaxes Cross-Border Data Protection Measures
April 2024
Proposed New Amendments to the China Company Law
April 2022
New Personal Data Protection Law in China
December 2021
Implications of the New China Data Law
September 2021
Formalization of Mutual Recognition of Insolvency Proceedings between Hong Kong and Mainland China
June 2021
Long-awaited Personal Information Protection Law (Draft) in China
December 2020
Disputes over Michael Jordan’s Name Rights in China Now Over
May 2020
New PRC Foreign Investment Law Now In Force
April 2020
Novel Coronavirus and Delayed Work Resumption in China
February 2020
New Regulations on Managing Blockchain Information Services in China
July 2019
Investing in China : Shanghai Free Trade Zones or Qianhai Special Zone ?
July 2019
FIE New Measure : Integration of record-filing and registration by MOFCOM and AIC
September 2018
China Tightens Control of Internet Chat Groups and Official Accounts
October 2017
China Simplified Rules For Inbound Foreign Investment
May 2017
New Cyber Security Law in China
April 2017
From Business Tax to Value Added Tax – Further Tax Reform in China
September 2016
Regulating Foreign NGOs in China – Draft Foreign NGO Law
January 2016
Setting up wholly foreign owned hospitals in China?
March 2015
Easier Rules for PRC Cross-Border Securities and Guarantees
July 2014
China Reforms its Registered Capital System for Companies
April 2014
China (Shanghai) Pilot Free Trade Zone – New Investment Opportunities in China
January 2014
China Trademark Law Revamps
December 2013
Application of Laws to Foreign-Related Civil Relations
July 2013
Amended Civil Procedure Law Provides Better Protection for PRC Litigants
March 2013
Major Tax Pilot Reform Replacing Business Tax with Valued-Added Tax
November 2012
CIETAC Launches New Arbitration Rules
September 2012
China’s Revised Foreign Investment Catalogue Comes into Effect
May 2012
Trademark Infringement Issues in China’s OEM Business Model
March 2012
PRC Broadens the Use of Offshore RMB for Direct Investments
January 2012
Anti-Monopoly Civil Procedure in China – Who can be the Plaintiff ?
November 2011

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